Body, Mind, and Spirit Study & Healing since 1999
Since 1996, our Qigong Study & Healing Trips have empowered over 700 people to travel to China, Thailand, Tibet, Bhutan, India, and Italy to deepen their experience in the powerful healing system called Qigong. Even for those who are not so interested in learning Qigong, these Trips are amazing opportunities to not only study with Masters, but to receive daily healing sessions that are quite remarkable. Click here to sign up for updates.
Qigong Workshops
Qigong workshops are the core of the educational offerings that Francesco Garri Garripoli presents each year. Together on Qigong Study Trips and individually, our Breathe Deep Newsletter offers updates on classes by Francesco that range from two hours open to the public to several days for qualified instructors who wish to be Certified in the Organ Cleansing Qigong form. Check out our Breathe Deep Newsletter to learn more about Francesco's workshops and other offerings.
Educational Products
Since 1998, Francesco Garri Garripoli’s educational books and DVDs have been assisting over 400,000 people in learning more about self healing and personal empowerment. A percentage of all proceeds sold for us through goes to support Kahuna Valley’s mission so your support is greatly appreciated.
Mission Statement
Qigong Study Trips
…that will change your life...
Make your next “vacation” a “Healing Journey” and visit power spots that will help you see the world with new eyes as you study through hands-on learning.